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MRCP is well establised as an entry exam for advanced specialist training in many countries including Malaysia. It consists of 3 paper i.e. Part1, Part2(written tests) and PACES. PACES in full means Practical Assessment of Clinical Examination Skills. It is the third part and the candidate is assessed by fellows of RCP. I passed my PACES in 2005. I am glad that many seniors had guided me throughout my preparation for PACES and I wish to share my experiences with PACES candidates via this blog.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

"Which side first?"

One of the favourite question my friends ask me for respiratory station. It's really depend on what you gather from the peripheral examination namely the tracheal position. If the tracheal is deviated, then I would advise you to concentrate on anterior chest first especially the apical region looking for apical fibrosis or collapse.
If the tracheal is central, then ask the permission to proceed with the back. The differentials would include fibrosing alveolitis, bronchiectasis, pleural effusion or consolidation.



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