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MRCP is well establised as an entry exam for advanced specialist training in many countries including Malaysia. It consists of 3 paper i.e. Part1, Part2(written tests) and PACES. PACES in full means Practical Assessment of Clinical Examination Skills. It is the third part and the candidate is assessed by fellows of RCP. I passed my PACES in 2005. I am glad that many seniors had guided me throughout my preparation for PACES and I wish to share my experiences with PACES candidates via this blog.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Psoriasis With Axial Arthropathy

Well dermacated erythematous plaque with silvery scales.

I had been quite busy for the past few weeks as I just joined skin department and there are a lot of new things to learn. It is a whole new world for me to explore.
As we all know, the prevalence of psoriasis is about 2% of the population. It is the bread & butter of dermatology practice. Here is one of the new cases that presented with difficulty in extending his neck for the past few years. We nearly miss this sign until he stood up to thank us after the consultation - he is unable to extend his neck to look at us. In addition, he needs to turn the whole body to look to either side.

As the picture shown, the occiput is not able to make contact with the wall when heel and the back are against the wall. It indicates upper thoracic and cervical limitation.

1. What are the types of psoriatic arthropathy?
* Arthritis of DIP (Classical)
* RA like arthritis
* AS like arthritis (spondylitis and sacroiliitis)
* Mono- and asymmetrical oligoarthritis
* Arthritis mutilans

2. What is the most common psoriatic arthropathy?
* Mono- and asymmetrical oligoarthritis

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